Meet the LIFESTAR Chicago staff

LIFESTAR Chicago Administration

Dr. Mark Cichon, D.O.
Medical Director

Credentials: : Bachelor of Science in Biology, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health's Professional Development Program, American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (Board Certified), American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians - Distinguished (Fellowship)

Experience: Medical Director Emergency Department Loyola University Medical Center, Medical Director Air Methods Corporation LIFESTAR, Medical Director - Region 8

CV available upon request

Candice Schaper
Clinical Base Supervisor
Flight Nurse

Credentials: RN, BSN, CFRN, CCRN, PHRN

Experience: Candice has been a nurse for 13 years with a background in CCU. Candice has been with LIFESTAR since 2006. Candice is the nurse representative for the LIFESTAR Safety Committee and also on the CAMTS Preparation Committee.

Brady Clauss, Pilot Brady Clauss
Lead Pilot

Experience: Brady learned to fly at the University of North Dakota while earning a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Studies. He began his flying career as a flight instructor in airplanes then spent 5 years as a commercial airline pilot. The next 8 years were spent as a federal law enforcement officer flying jets and helicopters. He has been with Lifestar since 2015.

Michael Doucette
Lead Mechanic

Credentials: Mike has been a Certified Aviation Helicopter Mechanic since 1983

Experience: Mike's background includes working with PHI and Omni Flight in the Gulf of Mexico prior to coming to LIFESTAR. Mike was a Director of Maintenance and Chief Inspector for Omni Flight and Helicopter Transport Services, a Part 145 repair station.

Scott A. Hagemann
Business Development Manager - Central Region

Credentials: EMT-P, CC-EMTP, Lead Instructor

Experience: Scott has been a field firefighter / paramedic for the past 36 years. Scott functioned as a flight paramedic for 5 years with LIFESTAR and retired from the Naperville Fire Department in 2008. Scott was hired by Air Methods Corporation in 2008 and became the first fulltime Business Development Manager for LIFESTAR.

LIFESTAR Chicago Pilots

Jeff Fair, Pilot Jeff Fair

Experience: Jeff started his career as a pilot in 1996, his experience prior to flying EMS has included: flight instruction, charter, movie, power line work, TV news and corporate flying within the Chicagoland area. He has been with Air Methods since 2014 and began at Lifestar in 2015.

Mark Schultz

Experience: Mark started his aviation career in 2009 in Utah. Mark received his licensure through UHI (Universal Helicopter Industry) in Utah. Mark was a flight instructor in Utah and Arizona from 2010 to 2013 flying R-22 and R-44s. After flight instruction he worked for Papillion helicopters doing tours in the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Mark was hired by Air Methods in Jan 2015.

Ronald J. Smith

Credentials: Commercial Helicopter Pilot. Retired career military pilot.

Experience: UHIH and OH58 Military helicopter pilot, and EMS medivac helicopter pilot. Ron has been with Lifestar since 2013.

LIFESTAR Chicago Flight Nurses

Peter Borkowski, Flight Nurse Peter Borkowski
Flight Nurse

Credentials: RN, BSN, CFRN, CEN, CCRN, TNS

Experience: Peter has been a nurse for 8 years with a background in SICU and Emergency Department at multiple hospitals in Chicagoland. He has been with Lifestar since 2014

Kerry Hess
Flight Nurse
Observer Program Coordinator

Credentials: RN, CEN, TNS, EMT-P

Experience: Kerry is a Flight Nurse with over 9 years previous experience with Lifestar as a Flight Paramedic. She has been a part of the Loyola EMS system since 1988. After working as an emergency room nurse, Kerry has rejoined the Lifestar family as a Flight Nurse.

Melissa Kolarik
Flight Nurse

Credentials: RN, BSN, CFRN, CCRN, TNS

Experience: Melissa has been a nurse for 14 years with a background in the Trauma ICU and E/R. Melissa has been with LIFESTAR since 2009. Melissa serves a member of the LIFESTAR Q/A Committee.

LIFESTAR Chicago Flight Paramedics

Flight Paramedic Patrick McMahon Patrick McMahon
Flight Paramedic

Credentials: EMT-P, CCEMT-P

Experience: Patrick's background has been a paramedic/fire fighter for a busy Chicagoland Fire Department since 2010. He has been with Lifestar since 2015.

Nicholas Volz
Flight Paramedic

Credentials: EMT-P, CCEMT-P, FP-C

Experience: Nicholas has worked in the Fire service for the last 10 years along with critical care ground for the last 5 years. He has been with Lifestar since 2012 and serves on the benchmarking and equipment committees.

LIFESTAR Chicago Aviation Mechanics

Matthew Franklin, Mechanic Matthew Franklin
Field Mechanic

Credentials: FAA A&P, MBA

Experience: Matt was a UH-60 Blackhawk Crew Chief in the US Army. He was also the former lead mechanic of the University of Wisconsin's Med Flight Program. Matt has been with the Lifestar program since 2014

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